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Vampire Diaries Fic: Familglia
Title:  Famiglia
Author: luvspnl
Fandom:  Vampire Diaries
Characters: Damon and Stefan Salvatore; Elena and Jeremy Gilbert; oh do I have to list EVERYONE? And an OC. An OMC.
Summary:  Series AU. The Salvatore family didn’t end with Zach. Back when Giuseppe was still alive, but before their mother, Marie, died, there was another boy. A young lad that Marie wished to raise far away from her husband, whom she had learned to be cheating on her. Damon and Stefan don’t know about him, but Katherine found him, and she turned him. When he turns up in Mystic Falls, what will become of the brothers’ relationship? Will Katherine get the backstabbing/revenge that she wanted?
Author's Notes/Warnings: I can’t believe I got sucked into the Vampire Diaries! But seriously, TWO groups of (hot) brothers with dysfunctional relationships! How could I not?! (I mean, of course, the Salvatores and the Original Family, Mikaelsons) I just, I can’t justify this, so I won’t try!
Story contains language, violence, and (because this is me here) discipline. If any of those makes you squint, stay away.
Disclaimer: Vampire Diaries and its recognizable characters are not of my own creation. No hardships are intended in their use here. Don’t sue because saying I’m broke is an understatement.
STORY HERE (part one, linked up to the rest of the story)

WBY - The Winchester Boys

Title:  The Winchester Boys

Author:  Wildblueyonder

Characters:  Sam, Dean, Adam and John.  To suit my evol plan, the boys are all four years apart.  Not canon – whatever.  They are 13, 17 and 21 respectively.

Summary: You can’t pull much over on John Winchester.

AN:  Haven't posted here but hope you enjoy.

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To Try and Break Me Down
Title: To Try and Break Me Down
Rating: R
Wordcount: 5100
Disclaimer: Not my boys. Kripke broke them long before I ever got to them.
Summary: John thinks he’s teaching Dean to fully consider the consequences of his actions, but Dean is slowly twisting and turning it into something completely different.

Warnings: Abuse, buckets worth of angst, John's belt, Winchester swearing. Don't read this if you think John was a spare the rod kind of father.

For a minute John thinks about refusing. A cold fist closes around his heart and he knows whatever it is he's been trying to teach Dean, the boy's been learning a very different lesson.

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